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When the bold 23-year-old Elliott (Jeremy Allen White), who lives leisurely in New York City, meets the wise Mia (Maika Monroe) and receives a catastrophic diagnosis  the same week, his world is upset. Returned. But as their love flourishes in the turmoil of his treatment, they discover that Elliott’s illness is not a true test of their relationship-it’s nothing.

After Everything looks like a soap opera cast into the type of The Fault in Our Stars. Cancer-related romance is aimed at endings that are guaranteed to spike Kleenex strains. This is actually a romance, and one  of the participants (but not both) has an aggressive form of cancer, but what happens in this movie after the cancer is gone, just as it is during  treatment. I’m interested in cancer. This and the associated reality give After Everything its own uniqueness. This is not just a “cancer movie”. The movie begins with a mandatory meeting. Elliott (Jeremy Allen White) works at a sandwich shop where Mia (Maika Monroe) has lunch. He approaches her, thinking that knowing her daily order gives him  a connection to ask  her. Initially she feels like a stalker  from him, but eventually she forgives and agrees to go on a date. But as her romance flourishes, Elliott’s health deteriorates. He has been diagnosed with cancer and is a doctor despite being his doctor. Harden (Marisa Tomei) was initially optimistic, but has no effect on chemotherapy / radiation therapy.

Elliott is forced to tell the truth to his parents (Dean Winters and Callie Thorne) and asks Mia to travel  to New Jersey with him. Elliott and Mia get married because his condition worsens and little-successful surgery seems to be his only hope-the last act of love for a couple destined for short happiness .. At speed, Sandra Bullock’s character “heard that relationships built on intense experience never work.” At least as far as Elliott and Mia’s romance is concerned, there is a grain of truth in it. I have. They are inseparable and deeply devoted while he is ill. She quit her job  to be with him. But when he is healed, the love between them and the accompanying “shotgun” marriage becomes a binding. Maika Monroe (the main character in the indie horror movie “It Follows”) creates a complex character that is forced to cross the emotional gauntlet of being a caregiver.

Jeremy Allen White, a regular in the showtime series “Shameless”, allows Elliott to show an angry, self-absorbing personality without losing the audience’s empathy. The two have more than enough chemistry to make their romance believable and vital. The supporting cast includes a pair of well-known names: Marisa Tomei as Elliot`s doctor and Gina Gershon and Mia`s mother.

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