5 types of man you should avoid!

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Regardless it’s man or woman, it’s very important to notice their behavior during first date or while you both are still at early stage, early stage is a crucial stage where you cannot missed out or else things wouldn’t go the way you always wanted or expected. Every relationship starts from being a cool friend to each other I believe. But, there are some friends you can’t move on to the second stage no matter how cool it is while you both are still friends, but sometimes we human are greed and it’s easy for us to rush in things. Below are types of man that you shouldn’t be together!

1. The "Selfish" Guy

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Does the guy you dated seems to be selfish? Not only in the aspect of financially but also in love. Does he care all about himself instead of caring you? Is he the type of guy that would finish up his priority daily task although he knows that there’s something more important than his personal task that is more important than his personal task?

When it comes to love there are always filled up with questions, just like betting do. Before you place a bet regardless amount of money, you will always think more than just twice on your bet placement. For love, you will be investing your time and tonnes of sacrifices.

If the questions above comes with “yes” , leave that guy alone and go for a better ones! Selfish guy is also a sign of guy that has very high egoism, you will not win during every argument! Although argument is not about winning but about problem solving, but me as a man, I personally thinks that saying sorry to the one I love is always a thing that a guy must learn!


2. The "Liar"

Second type also the type not only you should avoid him as being your boyfriend but in your life because it’s one of the major behaviors that would leave something dramatic yet toxic environment towards you!

Guess what? LIAR!

You can never tolerate lies in a relationship, if you’re the one that forgive and forget easily, this could lead to very big problem that would cost you so much in your life! It’s really challenging to date someone that lies, imagine sleeping right beside to someone just slept with uncountable partners! Not only it leads you to your insecurities, but relationship like that can easily causes trauma. Giving out your love, trust, commitment and tonnes of suffocation towards a liar, if you’re dating a liar right now, this second will be the best time for you to leave him. Do not think twice, because neither one out there, they knows that cheating is bad!

3. The "Player"

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Third type of man that should avoid is “Player”. This type of men aren’t even a men yet, they’re just boys who tries to look for some fun or so-called food hunting around during the weekends, that’s why people called them as player! If you’re really falling in love with a guy, you will always try your best to elevate your relationship to the next level. For this type of guy, elevation will not be possible due to their childish behavior or mischievous acts! Players will constantly be with more than one partner at a time, or else they already knew that who’s next right after you. So it’s your choice, to pursue and wait him to be a man? Or constantly being stupid as one of the game that plays by a player.


4. The "Emotionally Gone Guy" ​

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The fourth type of man we gonna call “The Emotionally Gone Guy”. They got no feelings toward anything and everything in front of their eyes. They don’t feel afraid, worried, loved and so on. They will not crave anything as well because they’re near to being heartless humans. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not cold-hearted who commits murder or is abusive, just that they don’t tend to share what’s in their life. Some of them might think that sharing out doesn’t make them feel more comfortable than in the position that they’re in now, but in every relationship is a must to talk to each other because communication is the only key where humans can talk to each other also to understand each other more and more. This kind of emotionally unavailable man will not even let you near his heart no matter how long both of you will be together, they will always think that the small thing isn’t always a big deal until it happens to be big they don’t even know how to approach situations. Instead of facing situations that they put themselves into, they will still choose to be emotionally gone guys, not to react in stuff that doesn’t affect themselves, although situations are related to both of you, yet do not forget, he has no emotions to react the situation.

5. The "Controlling" Guy

the controlling guy who wears spec

Last and foremost, the worst type of guy! “The Controller”! Have you ever dated any guy that will set uncountable boundaries throughout the relationship? Has any guy you’ve ever dated controlled you from talking with people that has opposite sex also telling you not to wear this and that? Controlling is always a sign of dominance and intimidation, worst comes to worst, humiliation and verbal abuse will be involve as well usually! Example, as a girl if you wear too less, they will assume that you dress up is very worst, that’s what controller do! They don’t even know that they accidentally verbal abused others. They’re just trying their best to do the best thing they can do which is controlling. They always have a sign that is somewhat likely the same, they think they’re in very well controlled with their life, they don’t think advices. They’re different than the “Selfish” guy, they think for their partners but they don’t like the ways that their partners figured for them.

In conclusion, above are the types of guys that you should avoid. Relationship is about the time you spent on, the sacrifices, burdens and responsibility that you bears for someone you love so much! If you’re with the types of guy above and you’re not avoiding them now, you’re gambling away your time, efforts and so on! Why not choose to gamble in better love or maybe gamble for real money if gambling is one of your entertainment, at least you’re capable to win something valuable when you gamble, in love you lose everything when you lose! You will not save yourself from hurting in a relationship!